Shouting out into empty …. early draft

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I’m trying to shoutalone
To shout out
But there's not even one 
        faint echo ...
   sound to
reverberate or resonate or
  simply murmur
Shouting out 
loud  into empty Is not easy
words string out and 
float away
bubbles, pipe-streamer
   bubbles, small, floating,
Trying to touch, to find,
Are YOU there
       Are you
Somewhere out
there lurking
try to hide in the shifting 
      space between
in the void 
that islands each
screen and wire and
Fingers tap tap tapping
         rhythms crying to be sung
I SHOUT my slow winged words, searching
for the tune to flow them ...
Do you hear?
Does your hand
Reach out to gently catch
them, to 
capture them
As they drift, 
before they fade, 
        as they     as they
die in silence?
I shout myself
at you … I shout
       the form that shifts in the haze,
     that fades into time
Leaving no echo, no trace
When I shout out into empty …

Copyright June 2012 Jean Law

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