Finally done.

But it’s been a week of disaster heaped on disaster. I so envy people who have any compatability with electronic – digital equipment.  (Don’t laugh – one day you may meet me and then the smile will quickly fade.)

I’m not quite sure how I’ve survived this week. And I’m not quite sure what to make of it all.

First there is the issue of digital technology itself. I thought iPads were supposed to be our ‘friends’. THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT.  Neither are mobile phones – I’m supposed  to own a ‘good’ one – HAH.

Nor is my computer particularly nice. Today it decided to get stroppy just because I’ve ‘picked on’ its friends. However, there was no need for a go-slow and “pretend to die on the spot”.  I didn’t do any physical damage to them, just vociferously challenged their rather dubious morality.

It was a particularly nasty form of industrial action. I had been able to make it home with time to spare despite the frantic 50 minute drive, (it should have been 40 but it was Friday afternoon close to Xmas, hey?)   There I sat, fidgeting and fiddling, and stressing myself silly.  So it would be quicker to reboot, right. Three quarters of an hour later, we got finally got life. Too late for me.

Now,  from the way Adam and the highy competent crew in ALC708/203  make it sound, putting a podcast together is a cinch – nothing to it. WRONG …. I had been so excited when after long hours of very hard work I managed to put a tentative talk together.  Despite its obvious flaws, I’d made it, and uploaded it onto SoundCloud.

So proud I’d succeeded.  It completely flattened me to miss the boat the way I did.  What did I hear you say? Put it all down to experience! Like to see you do that.

Here’s a more formal appraisal 🙂



  • I found out after I recorded each sound file, I had to somehow convert them to a MP3 file(the easiest)
  • I finally worked out how to quickly transfer files from my iPad’s terrific audio programme to the computer.
  • I learnt that the audio files from the recording programme on the phone had to be moved to the phone’s audio to be converted to formats usable by the programmes on the computer – and it took me a while to figure that out, let alone do it. Still I did manage, and there was one point quite late on I didn’t think I could.
  • I started to enjoy playing around with Audacity. I still have NO idea how to edit audio files in iMovie etc. Might as well have tried to swim in mud. But I see lots of fun ahead with Audacity – if I ever have time.  I need to find out how to make the recording even from part to part.
  • I have “discovered” how useful Soundcloud is, and once I work out how to navigate it, I’m going to enjoy that … if I ever have time…
  • Most important fact learnt is that I’m too wordy. Now, anyone who knows me just accepts that me being me.  But I managed to cut well over 30 minutes of focused talking  down to the 5. I shocked myself.  It took a long time, but I did it.


  • I am not at all comfortable with the new digital technology – am definitely just treading water, and at times only just managing to stay afloat after heading for the bottom.
  • It’s the small things that should be easy that are the hardest to deal with. Things that a lot of people just ‘know’ and I don’t.
  • I also realise I have a lot more ‘not known’ than known, and into today’s world that makes life for me very hard.

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