jean2aSo where to start? I am a 72 year old mother of 3 daughters, grandmother of 9, great-grandmother of 2, and married to Roger for almost 52 years. I was born in Sydney NSW, and  spent my first 43 years living there. In the mid-1980s, our family moved to Tasmania. Life in Sydney was becoming increasingly crazy, so we decided to seek some place to live where we could be truly human. For some years we were almost gypsies, moving around and living in a number of the most beautiful places in the most beautiful of Australian states .  We eventually ‘came home’ to our present location, settling down well and truly in the glorious Derwent Valley at Black Hills north-west of Hobart.

In my time I have worn a number of very different caps.

  • I was  a teacher for many years in Sydney and later in Tasmania, with experience in secondary, primary, infants, and Adult Education. I specialised in teaching English  as a Second Language, especially to young infants children.
  • I drove a taxi in Sydney with my husband for several years
  • Together with my husband I ran a music shop  in Burnie on the North-West Coast (unsuccessfully).
  • I have dabbled in singing, mostly blues and Latin American folk,
  • I have been an active trade-unionist, and active politically in Sydney.  I remain a radical questioner of all present day social and political institutions.
  •  I am a graduate of  Deakin University,  intending to complete an Honours degree and go on to further post graduate study, butin 1995 when I was halfway through my intended plane, a series of family crises intervened.  Being at Deakin was a fantastic experience, and I have remained determined to return to complete my studies .
  • For most of my adult life I have had to deal with mental health issues, including General Anxiety Disorder, serious Clinical Depression, and (self-diagnosed, but obvious to those who are in the know)  high-functioning end of Autism Spectrum. Not all my daughters or close family agree with me, but I have been fairly successful in hiding these issues, even from myself.
  • I love photography
  • I love crocheting

This tells you something about me, but there are so many more ‘mes’ than those I’ve included in this brief biography.  My blog posts and my other pages will let you much more about my world.

My great passion is writing poetry. Here I express my life, the ups and downs, the sadness and joys, the beauty and the ugliness in which we are all immersed. It is in my poetry that you will find the greater part of  ‘me’, and will be able travel with me through the stages of a long life, all its highs and lows, its fun and frustration.  I can only hope that you will stimulated – even challenged – by the glimpses  that you will find in my thoughts.

And in my present incarnation I’ve have returned to student life, enrolling in my MA (Writing and Literature) at Deakin . Again, I do not see this as the completion of a ‘self’,but as the next exciting step on my journey.

And just as importantly, if not more so, I continue to write and rewrite , to reflect and to take now paths, so that I can eventually reach the point where I can achieve the satisfaction of publishing my poetry for all to read.

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